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Kouros Strap for iPhone 6

Kouros Strap for iPhone 6, brings together all the essence of Kouros designs. Through classic lines, we can set apart this accessory from all the others. It is the purest representation of what we aspire:

All the elegance and irreverence on a single object, with a functional touch to the day-to-day action!


Kouros Strap


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We at Kouros are committed to create genuine leather cases with an outstanding design that blends harmoniously the design simplicity of high-end devices with the quality and robustness of premium leather.


The interior of our covers are carefully covered with Alcantara fabric, a special lining that offers the wool's softness, the silk's elegance, and the linen's strength, all of this specially combined for your device.

  • High quality italian leather
  • Luxury "Alcantara" fabric in the interior, for comfort and equipment protection
  • Nylon stitching for strength and durability
  • "Folding" finishing at the top, to ensure leather consistency and long-term aesthetics
  • Semi-hard internal structure for keeping the case in its original form, even with great usage
  • Kouros logo in front as an indication for the correct equipment position
  • Protection leather strap
  • Premium packaging for maximum protection

Additional Information

Exterior Genuine Italian Leather
Lining "Alcantara" microfiber fabric
Case Format Pouch
Branding Front "Kouros" Symbol