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Kouros Folio for iPhone 6

Kouros Folio is the perfect blend between the class of premium materials and craftmanship with the functional demands every iPhone user requires these days!

Using only premium Italian leather and the luxury "alcantara" lining, Kouros Folio presents itself as the perfect fashion accessory - even enhancing iPhone 6 outstanding design!

Kouros Folio for iPhone 6

Micro Suction: a cutting edge technology that creates a microscopic vacuum between your case and the iPhone 6, bonding the two as if they're one. Without any glues or damaging adhesives, micro suction tightly holds your device, allowing a perfect fit!

Kouros Folio


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We at Kouros are committed to create genuine leather cases with an outstanding design that blends harmoniously the design simplicity of high-end devices with the quality and robustness of premium leather.


The interior of our cases are carefully covered with Alcantara fabric, a special lining that offers the wool's softness, the silk's elegance, and the linen's strength, all of this specially combined for your device.

  • High quality italian leather
  • Luxury "Alcantara" fabric in the interior, for comfort and equipment protection
  • "Folding" finishing on the edges, to ensure leather consistency and long-term aesthetics
  • Semi-hard internal structure for keeping the case in its original form, even with great usage
  • Kickstand option for landscape usage
  • 2 Micro suction panels to safely secure the device and close the case
  • Large back hole for camera and flash light
  • Specifically designed for your device dimensions
  • Nylon stitching for strength and durability
  • Premium packaging for maximum protection



Kouros Folio for iPhone 6


In 6 vibrant color combinations, Kouros Folio is designed from its core to be that accessory that always steals the show! Match you unique style with our amazing Alcantara colors!

Kouros Folio for iPhone 6

Additional Information

Exterior Genuine Italian Leather
Lining "Alcantara" microfiber fabric
Case Format Folio
Branding Front "K" Symbol